About us

Hi! my name is Claudio and i'm a boy from Italy, Fiumicino/Roma, 30 years old and i'm a dogs & cats professional groomer.

Since i was a child, i'm interested in nature and involved in breeding animals. That's why, in time, i enjoyed rabbits, tartarugas and canarinis and, of course, dogs and CATS Kiry is my house cat and he is 10 years old: he is always with me and is really a special human cat! Poker is my american chocolate cocker and he is a crazy loving all people dog: always full of energy, he makes you fall in love with him at first sight. MAINE COONS are my life and special passion: they don't need words to be descripted: maine coons are just a soul experience and i'm really in touch with them. I took my first maine coon (Media) in 2006 and i started breeding these amazing cats in 2008 under the name of CLABACOON (CLAudio BArletta COON) CATTERY, registered in ANFI/FIFE italian association. Luca and Grazia, my best life friends, are with me in this adventure and, together, we are known as the 'Clabas'. We like to travel and show not only in Italy but all over Europe. On this occasions, sharing ideas with other breeders, having a look from real to their breeding results and always keeping in consideration what judges have told us about our coons (specially to what they would have liked to see more/different/better), we got our own personal idea of the 'right' direction to follow.

But before trying to get what we had on our minds as for the standard, we concentrated to defeat potential health problems so that we entered the italian Maine Coon Club and the national HCM observatory from Milano University - Vetogene Lab. We tested ALL our coons for HCM genetic test and also for HCM ECO screening exam and we took on in our breeding program only the genetic N/N & eco NEGATIVE maine coons. The same we did with PKD test, available also for MCO even if not considered usefull by everyone, but we did it the same because we preferred, in doubt, to have also those other N/N certifications. Then, we screened by ECO all our coons for PKD and did genetic tests for SMA and radiography exams for HD. Well, the first step in the right direction was moved and the adventure could finally start. Our goal was: 1) health; 2) temperament; 3) type; and in this exact order we moved from. Health was worked for all what in our possibilities with tests/exams. Temperament, came thanks to the LOVE we always gave and, of course, still give to our kittens, growing up them free, without cages, well socialized, familiar to human people, hands, 'touching' and 'kissing': yes, because we kiss every day our coons that live free with us in our homes, sleep with us, eat with us and are full part of our lives. So, also the second point of our breeding project was reached.

Last, we started working on type. It was immediatly clear we hated flat heads and straight profiles: we were and still are deeply convinced that those two things are 2 very bad faults of the breed, standing on not only the FIFE MCO standard, but on ALL world's feline associations. So, after 5 years, now that we are at our 4th Claba's generation (5th one is coming), we can say we made of rounded shaped head, gentle curved profile and straight noseline (without bump!), our 'visit card'. Another goal of our breeding is the general harmonic look of our maine coons, well proportioned and balanced: we think the Maine Coon MUST be as he always was: a sweet gentle lion! That's why we like the new 'wild' look and breed with it but we strongly are against the 'extreme' new type where proportions and harmony are lost in favor of 'ducks' muzzles (joint to straight profiles) and extremed marked cheekbones (that brings horrible closed & cut eyes). In our selection we also keep care and take on: 1) rectangular bodies (with long proportioned tail) associated to long legs (we really don't like short legs in maine coons); 2) high, tufted and well settled ears but only if also large at the basement; 3) silky quality 'falling down' coat on maine coons 'able' to go in full coat condition, with different lengths of the coat as to the standard (we don't like the new 'naked' maine coon, with a ever seson short coat: the MCO is a semilonger breed and must have coat).

At this moment of our breeding/selection we are proud and happy of our work but, for sure, not satisfied: we think we have to improve lot of things and try to do more and get better maine coons! Perhaps the secret of our Claba Team is just that: never 100% satisfied! We don't stand of what we have done and even won; FIFE WW'10 with Bonny; FIFE SW'11 with Sueño Azul; ROYAL GRAND PRIX 2012 'WINNER KITTEN' with Toro Seduto; FIFE titles like: SC, NW, JW, DSM, DVM, DM; 1° ANFI/FIFE italian maine coon cattery and 1° cattery in our italian Maine Coon Club (MCC) in the last 2 years 2011 and 2012; no, we still have lot of ideas, projects, news and so much enthusiasm and so deep passion that this new 'professional' website is just an example of this new starting of ours! Together with all our friends from all over the world and thanks to the one another help of our exclusive partners, 1 for each country, as in our exclusive way of beeing in relationships, we are sure the BEST, for us, is still to come! ENJOY your surfing on our new website!

Roma, 15 october 2013. Greetings, Clabas

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