IT*Clabacoons Voodoo, Complete inbreeding = 12,8%
JW Clabacoon Robespierre, MCO w, 2010-05-05, IT/-
JW, DVM Multicoon Tittie Monster, MCO w 62, 2008-06-27
JW Savincoon Iron Man, MCO w, 2006-11-04, DE/-
Multicoon Isla Bonita, MCO n
Cardigans Annik Honore, MCO f 22, 2008-08-04, BR/IT
IC Alwaro Edom Faon, MCO d 09 22, 2006-03-10, PL/BR
SC Escape Eternity, MCO n 09, 2007-03-06, FI/BR
Whiteknights Tarquinia La Superba, MCO w 64, 2012-01-18, IT/IT
IC Whiteknights of Maine Phantom of the Ope, MCO w
Orlando, MCO w, 2008-02-01, IT/-
Lillycoon Pocahontas, MCO n
Spellbound Rihanna, MCO d 09 23
Tojo Polaris Ollie Collins, MCO d 09 23, 2008-10-22, NO/NO
Spellbound Zoe, MCO g 22


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