WORLDSHOW 2014 in PRAGUE 25./26.10.2014
Thank you ALL! We have had a SUPER party in Prague 3 BEST IN VARIETY and 2 NOMINATION and also WHAT A BIG emotion to see Toro Seduto to stay on the stage after many other cats went down because of not receiving votes.... WOW! So, we almost got drunk until 3 a.m. and we had prosecco and prosecco and prosecco to celebrate all our World Winner friends and ourself too: we have not won the title but ok, we feel like we also are 'winners' in a sense We also are extremely happy for WW'14 Butterflydust Scarlett owned by lovely Stéphanie Dupont, breeder: Stephana Kiening There are no enough words to congratulate with both and specially with our ALWAYS LOVED & EXCLUSIVE breeder PARTNER Stephana!!!! Also Cissy Cita sends many congrats to Scarlett and both Stephanie & Stephana for this World Winner Title

Many kisses, BIG hugs and greetings to all nice people and breeders and supporters that congratulated with us, wrote in private messages, called us or in any other way showed their LOVE for us: we can just THANK YOU ALL!!!! And see you all next year!

Here are our Results

IT* Clabacoons's Wolf of Deep South:
°°°°°°°°EX1 + BEST IN VARIETY°°°°°°°°

IT* IC Clabacoon's Toro Seduto JW:
°°°°°°°°EX1 + NOMINATION°°°°°°°°

CZ* CH Luma il Arbor Vitae JW
°°°°°°°°EX1 + BIV TOTAL + NOMINATION°°°°°°°°

Also new owner of
IT* Clabacoon's Lady White Shark presented her with super result
°°°°°°°°EX 1 + BIV, Congratulations to Kasia°°°°°°°°

Here are our moments in Czech Republic, Worldshow 2014

Arriving in the City

Cruising on Moldava river on AMAZING typical boat

Having amazing sightseeing trip in Praga city on a 'PRAGA' typical ancient car

Ready to fight

Saturday the BIV for our wonderful Luma and Wolfi!!


CLABACOONS LADY WHITE SHARK; EX1 + BIV Congratulations to Kasia


having fun at the Galadinner

On Sunday Best in Show is starting, our wonderful Toro on Stage!!

Enjoying our Worldshow results together with friends

After a stressful weekend super beautiful evening in Czech Theater

Good Bye and see you next year in Sweden, Clabas!
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