IC Clabacoon Only you Red Passion, M, MCO es 22, IT/-, Complete inbreeding = 13,3%
SC. Koontucky King Coloseum, MCO n 22
Koontucky Starvin Marvin, MCO ns 22, US/US
RW-SGC Guitars Rocking Cyrus of Koontucky, OS, MCO n 23, 1997-04-26, US/US
Koontucky Masked Marvel, MCO as 09 22, 1999-05-13, US/US
Koontucky Mirage, MCO ns 09, 2006-06-11
TGC Nascat Sterling Marlin of Koontucky, MCO ns 09 22, 2001-04-01, US/US
CH Koontucky Skyla, MCO a 09, 2001-09-11, US/US
Lillycoon Media, MCO fs 09, IT/-
GIC Squabby Boomerang Red, MCO d 09 22, IT/IT
EC Squabby Wolf Black, MCO n, 1995-11-25, IT/IT
Cozy Farm Maria Callas, MCO e 22, DK/IT
Lillycoon Icefire, MCO ns 22, IT/-
Løve Hulen Flashback, MCO n 22, DK/-
Glenda Della Quercia, MCO w, IT/IT

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